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2020 Summer League


First off, we hope you are all doing well during these unprecedented times. We hope that you are all safe and your families are staying safe and healthy.

The Denville Softball Board has made the difficult decision to cancel our Summer League for this year. This was not a decision that we have taken lightly. Although it seems that restrictions may be slowly lifted regarding games over the next few weeks/month, we felt that we did not have enough information and confidence to get our Summer League season in by the end of July/early August as originally planned. Our Summer League typically runs from early-mid June through mid-July.

Many factors ultimately went into our decision, but some of the key items were: 

  1. Unknown start date: without an approved start date in sight for gameplay, we felt that the season might end up being stretched deep into August, which does not work for many of the teams/families that we have connected with.
  2. Unknown insurance/liability impact to the organization and participating teams: while USSSA and other baseball/softball organizations have come out with post-COVID rules/guidelines, there is no telling what the insurance impact would be on the league or the teams participating. Between required temperature checks and extensive rules put in place to limit contact, we felt that there was no good way for Denville to ensure that all the measures were being enforced for every game.
  3. Unknown status of teams that have committed or teams that wanted to commit: Our Summer League is typically home for 40+ talented travel/club teams. With more than half of our supporting organizations unsure if they would be permitted to play (by no fault of their own), we did not want to end up tying up other teams that were already cleared to pursue other avenues for softball.

As noted above, please know that this was not something that Denville took lightly. Our Softball Board debated for several hours for several weeks leading up to our decision date, including several days this week working to try and make our Summer League happen. It was a hard realization to make for all of us. For any teams that have signed up, please feel free to explore other options for the summer, where it be late summer leagues, tournaments or friendlies. For teams that have already paid, please contact me directly and I will connect you with our treasurer, who will get a check out to your organization right away.

With that said, we wanted to thank you all for your support and let you know that we WILL be back with the Denville Summer League next year. We hope to see you all back with us next summer.

Thank you all for your patience, and we truly hope that everyone can get out there at some point this summer to play some meaningful softball. 



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